Sacré bleu!


It’s never dull…

…in ‘Ull. So goes the old saying about what I now think of as my home town, Hull. I actually only lived there for a year; however, it was during this year that I met my beloved husband. He proceeded to tell everyone his girlfriend was from Hull (I had been there about seven months at this point) and somehow I and the rest of the world got the impression that I was born and bred in t’city of ‘ull. Not strictly accurate, then, but I did enjoy some of the greatest months of my life there – and worked there for several years – and am more than happy to claim it as my own.

Anyway, there may never have been a finer example of how un-dull it is in Hull than yesterday morning, when 3,200 people turned up to take part in a little photography shoot. Continue reading

More book stuff


Great fun, this ‘not judging a book by its back cover’ lark. I’ve done it again.

But first, I should tell you how the previous one went.

Oh, I keep hearing weird noises from above (unit, rather than heaven). We haven’t lived here long: am I obligated to investigate our neighbours’ weird noises yet? Some noises sounded like coughs: if I thought he was choking, I would go. Oh no, he’s still doing it. I just heard him talking, though; I know he is not alone. It’s okay. Back to this. (Please be okay, new neighbour). Continue reading

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society: a pre-review


Don’t know when I’ll be publishing this one, given that we do not yet have access to the world wide web at our new abode (more of which in a future post – I am holding myself to this one!). Strangely, I find the lack of internet rather charming, and even befitting of our beautiful hideaway home. So, I am going old-school, knocking this out in Microsoft Word; we’ll see about connecting and posting another time. Continue reading